EMP Pop Conference Speakers Improvise!

Greg Campbell – drums
Dave Chokroun – piano
Jeff Schwartz – bass
Charles Sharp – alto sax
Pete Williams – melodica / little instruments

You will not hear this at the Gallery.

The EMP Pop Conference brings four improvising scholars to Seattle on panel on transgressive sounds in improvised music. Not content with merely talking about music, they will perform two sets of improvised joined by local drummer Greg Campbell. Jeff Schwartz and Charles Sharp are based in Los Angeles where they co-lead a large ensemble called the Decisive Instant and perform in a trio with percussionist Andrea Centazzo. Dave Chokroun is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Vancouver, B.C.; he performs in the Salvos and Crawling Human and runs the online label The Institute for the Study of Advanced Musical Research. Pete Williams, bass player, is coming from Kansas City, where he is a lecturer in American Studies.  Greg Campbell (drums, cornet) performs in the Seattle area, in styles ranging from traditional African drumming to classical music to jazz and free improvisation.  He teaches courses on pop and world music at Cascadia College.
8:00 pm   –   $5-15 sliding scale

The conference panel is on Friday at 4:15 to 6:15 and is free (http://www.empmuseum.org/programs-plus-education/programs/pop-conference/pop-conference.aspx)

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