Benefit for Prisoner Solidarity: QRY~/~DoomII~/~Nightspace~/~EPB

January 12th 8 pm


A benefit event for John Henry details below

QRY: an African trans woman sludge noise doom punk w/ screaming. Electric bass & distortion.

Edge Petal Burn: a Boston-based project fronted by straight edge scorpio potato, Olivia West. Inspired by Kate Bush, plants, enemies, and Korean-American identity.

Doom II: the enemy of progress, from Bad City, Olympia.

Nightspace: the dreamcore space punk you know and love, visiting home from New York.

We are raising funds to send directly to comrades of ours who are incarcerated and living on the front lines of climate change.
There will be an opportunity to hear about their stories, how to support, and to get involved in local and global struggles for prison abolition and collective liberation. Read about John’s story here:

Contact 羅雅 if you want to vend at the event or support in any way!
[Accessibility info TBE]


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