Project W re-heated: REVISED TIME


**NOTE: Our original plan short-sightedly neglected to factor in the 2018 Women’s March, which we support and plan to attend.  

We therefore will play not at 1:00, but at 3:00 p.m.  Please make note of the change — apologies for any inconvenience.  (One year of Trumpism has been pretty damned inconvenient — for women and for the world.)

If you weren’t around (or old enough) to see this trio open for Sonic Youth in 1998 at the Moore, it’s too late.  You might be able to find a copy of their eponymous 1996 cassette, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.  Besides, bands that live in the gap between punk and free jazz aren’t necessarily a Seattle rarity anymore, anyway.  But it might be argued that the original (mid-’90s) incarnation  of Project W might be one reason for that.

Two (or three, depending on who your counting) of the bands members haven’t lived in Seattle for years anyway, so it’s not that you just haven’t been paying attention — they haven’t played in, like, forever.  But the most recent incarnation of the group (c. 2004) will head back into the familiar unfamiliar in a one-off outing this Saturday afternoon at Gallery 1412.


As imagined.

Project W — a revisitation

Wally Shoup (alto saxophone)

Brent Arnold (cello)

Greg Campbell (drums etc.)

Saturday, January 20th. 3:00 PM 1:00 pm. Gallery 1412.  $5-15 donation.

 projwatNOEven more imaginary-er.



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