The Seattle Improvised Music Festival – 2/10/18

8 pm
$5-$15 sliding scale donation
2018 SIMF kickoff show at Gallery 1412
The Seattle Improvised Music Festival (SIMF) is the longest-running festival in the US dedicated solely to music that is completely improvised: no scores, no plans, no safety net. This is truly “music of the moment,” allowing artists from diverse musical backgrounds to meet up in an atmosphere of spontaneity, intuition, playfulness, and discovery.
Lisa Cay Miller, Piano (Vancouver)
Melanie Sehman, Percussion  (Bellingham) + Mike Gebhart, Drums (Seattle)
Miller + Bonnie Whiting, Percussion (Seattle)
Lisa Cay Miller is a pianist and the director of Vancouver’s New Orchestra Workshop Society.  Her work combines jazz, modern composition, and free improvisation in a vibrant and challenging context.
Melanie Sehman and Mike Gebhart improvise music that draws on the languages of experimental, contemporary music and free improvisation. Incorporating drums & traditional percussion, found instruments, gesture, extended techniques, singing & body percussion to create works that explore the immediacy of human interactions and perception.
Bonnie Whiting performs, commissions, and composes new experimental music for percussion. She seeks out projects involving non-traditional notation, interdisciplinary performance, improvisation, and the speaking percussionist.
Expect an explosive final set combining all four musicians.

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