March 30th /// Dolphin Midwives / Ben Zár / alap? / Drama Bahama (TR) and more


doors at 8
music at 8:30

Some traveling musicians come to visit the gallery also some local sounds.

donation based entry . (support touring artists!)


Dolphin Midwives
echo jungle chaos magic moon milk ocean murmurating orchid sleeper holy hands/helping hands interface nodes/architecture/lace gravity doesn’t exist change the laws of physics levitation shapeshift /shadow energy density clarity prismatic sound microtonal vision quest whirling rainbow vortex portal opening reverberating witch sister who plays harp/zither/voice/noise/electronics and everyday objects

Ben Zár
Guadalajara-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Zár has been part of a vibrant psychedelic scene in Mexico for the past ten years with the bands Antoine Reverb and Dorotheo. Last year he released his first solo album “There Is No Distortion In Heaven” vía Seattle’s Halfshell Records and was premiered by Impose Magazine. ” There Is No Distortion In Heaven travels through progressive realms of resistance and release across its seven tracks, it offers a sonic bridge inward, and while the trip might not always be easy, in the end, this record celebrates the journey with open heart and clear mind”. – LIVE EYE TV.

alap ?
is a Seattle based improvising duo inspired by the indian classical tradition, free jazz, and early minimal music. They are viola/ voice / talbla / percussion / etc.

Drama Bahama (as Theator Or Roosevelt)
“Theater or Roosevelt” live score orchestra (led by Drama Bahama) will be doing a live score to a special surprise short film. Feel free to bring a salt shaker, horns or your harmonic voice to join in.

Theater or Roosevelt started at movie nights in the basements of Casa Verde (artist/community house in Revenna), has blossomed into an orchestrated full blown instrument and acoustic sound orgy. Drawing in talented musicians and guests throughout Seattle. Their performances are rare, quite, loud and full of soul. Please join Drama Bahama, Josh and Matt on this special expedition through sound and old film.

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