Jamie Green, Pauline Lay / Nov. 10th


5 – 15 suggested donation

doors at 8
music at 8:30

An evening of music

local supporting acts to be announced


Jamie Green is an improvisatory music maker from Los Angeles. Incorporating amplified violin, alto saxophone, tar (drum) and electronics, his rigorously naivist sound unfurls by tapping into hints of a Hindustani classical modality and a tendency toward ephemeral geometrical structures, interlocking melodic and rhythmic forms which tend to appear and recede just as quickly, actions not unlike ripples of folding water. Similar techniques are applied in his use of rhythmic and repetitive vocables, linked to his work as a published poet, which induce a heightened sensation of word-shapes while remaining primarily abstract-musical.


Pauline Lay is a violinist, solo artist, improviser and a long-standing music events curator/organizer based out of Los Angeles. She began performing solo pieces with acoustic and electronic instruments in 2014. Her latest recording “Alloy / Pulp” was released by Japanese tape label Heavy Mess. She also frequently collaborates with fellow LA musicians in a multitude of contexts, from duets to her piece “5×5”, a composition for 25 synthesizers. She has toured extensively in the U.S.



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