Vida Rose Bff / Better Femme Future October 12th

Vida Rose presents:
bff/ Better Femme Future
with music by Lauren Moore and special guests
TICKETS: $10 at the door

The idea for BFF was conceived 5 years ago when I had a series of dreams that took place in a slightly better version of Seattle. Slightly more interesting problems, slightly less suffering. I became obsessed with this angle of sci fi that is not utopian or dystopian, just, like, a tiny bit better. I also realized how powerful the genre of sci fi is in our culture, even people who don’t like comic books or reading fiction or super hero movies are influenced by the ideas of what is possible. And in film, those ideas are mostly about the possible ways humans can kill each other. Which is really boring to me. For example I would have enjoyed the movie Star Wars more if it were 2 hours of Luke’s mom walking around the house. What is her idea of beauty, what’s the most important story passed down from her ancestors? What songs does she sing in the shower, which herbs does she use for medicine? That is an extreme example, I realize that many people love that movie for what it is. But I’m saying I want to see sci fi movies about possible futures of art, medicine, how we heal each other, of how our day to day experiences feel. I also believe the practice of playfully exploring different ideas of what we want to happen to this world is really powerful, and it’s necessary for people involved in social justice work, service work, and activism to keep from burning out. So in some ways this is a film project about the future of medicine that is also meant to be medicine for my community and my friends.42734870_1985326761490481_5795973132326010880_o


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