October 23rd and 24th an audio visual installation with a duration from 6-10 pm

Donations are encouraged

Suspension Blues is an audio-visual work for a sensory-enhanced environment.  Strobing pulsations of light and color arranged in a phasing arc, combined with shimmering hi-frequency drones and glissandi make up the structural foundations.  Through the infinite duration of saturated sound+color, participants are offered a gateway into the trance of the “blue’d-strobo-sphere”.

To enter the space you MUST provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 and be masked at all times. The work will be running continuously for 4 hours. Participants are encouraged to enter and leave at any point in the work. We will be limiting the number of people inside the space from 1 to 3 people. If there is a time you would like to reserve please write to us.

John Krausbauer ~~> is a composer/multi-instrumentalist/artist based in Oakland, CA and co-founder of the Los Angeles publishing label, Besom Presse. A long time purveyor of the ur-drone and trance-psychedelia, his compositional work involves audio transmissions for TOTAL/immersive experience. Transcendence through repetition, duration, alternate tunings, maximum volumes, and stroboscopic lighting. In recent years he has returned to improvisational playing and sought out particular collaborations to further explore his interest in improvisatory music making. He has performed and presented his music across N America, Europe, and Japan in a multitude of settings – from basements, sidewalks, and rock clubs to colleges, churches, and art museums. Over 20 recordings of his have been released on independent labels in the US, Europe, and Japan. His group and solo music can be found on Important, Beta-Lactam Ring, ANTS, Fabrica, Debacle, Autumn, Thin Wrist (upcoming), and a number of other international labels. His current music projects include the Ecstatic Music Band (a 10+ member-collective of strings players); solo music for amplified violin and tape; his collaboration with partner, Kaori Suzuki, with bells, voices, strings, electronics; the Minimalist psych-punk group Night Collectors; his systems-based phase compositions; as well as past and ongoing duo collaborations with Louisville resonator guitarist R. Keenan Lawler, NYC bagpiper David Watson, and Tokyo guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama.

Kaori Suzuki ~~~ > is a Tokyo-born music maker/composer currently living in Oakland, CA.  She seeks heightened listening-and-being states in her sound visions, and uses high-droning modified acoustic instruments, electroacoustic sound technologies, intensely high register electronics, tape, and other elements necessary to spin her auditory transmissions. 

Her current projects include solo compositions and computer music for vhf-combination tones; on-going collaborative light-sound happenings with partner, John Krausbauer; drumming in the Oakland-based minimalist psych-punk group, Night Collectors; and playing amplified cello and guitar in the Ecstatic Music Band.  

Suzuki holds a diverse background in electronic music, having designed and produced handmade electronic instruments for her company, Magic Echo Music, from 2009-2015. Her vintage inspired synthesizers have most notably been used by musicians Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C, Astro), and Norm Chambers (Panabrite).  As a performer, Suzuki has presented her music at numerous venues in multitudes of settings across North America, Japan, and Europe, including the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Debacle Festival (Seattle), Berkeley Art Museum, OTOOTO (Tokyo), WORM (Rotterdam), Issue Project Room (NYC), Quiet City Series (Vancouver CN), The Lab (San Francisco), Gallery Nomart (Osaka), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), Elastic Arts (Chicago), BAZ’Art Festival (Geneva), FUSE Arts (UK), Arkaoda (Berlin), CCRMA (Stanford University), and Human Resources/Volume Presents (Los Angeles), and many others. 

Suzuki has published her recordings on independent labels in Germany and the U.S., and has forthcoming releases on Moving Furniture Records (NL) and Erototox Decodings (US). She is currently on faculty in the music department at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, where she teaches the techniques and literature of electronic music.



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