August 3rd – 8pm

Sonic Adventures with Stephanie Wood and Khabu Doug Young
Wednesday August 3, 2022 at 8pm
Donation $10-$15 (just pay what you can – no stress)

Join Stephanie (Seattle) and Khabu (visiting from Boulder) for an impromptu improvisation
event, following sonic threads and deepening collective sonic presence. Some of it might
nestle you into the deep bosom of meditation. Some of it might make your noise music-lover
throw up “devil-horns”. We dunno what will happen, so come for it all. There will be nice
people, macaroons, strings, FX pedals, contact mics, sound sculptures, DIY and percussion –
even silence… That great, BUT WILL THERE BE GONGS?!” you ask. To which we exclaim, “Oh
YES, there will be gongs!”

for more information follow these links.

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