SOUNDINGS : 5/3 – Wilson Shook

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Viaduct (Dave Harvey) with live score by Wilson Shook, Noel Kennon, Mark Kaylor & John Teske

Trio improvisation by Wilson Shook, Gust Burns, & Mark Kaylor

Sarah Pyle & Janna Webbon

Sound installation by Dave Knott


(Dave Harvey, Olympia, 2020, 27:11 min)

For this screening, Viaduct will be accompanied by a one-off live improvised score by Wilson Shook (saxophones), Noel Kennon (viola), and John Teske (double bass).

Harvey’s meditation on the crumbling, historic Alaskan Way Viaduct, and its looming presence on Seattle’s waterfront is a beguiling, hypnotic document. It stitches together Super 8 footage from an heroic 12 consecutive trips (northbound only) on the viaduct’s final open day before demolition. The resulting document presents a sense of time uniquely its own, between the slowed frame rate, the repetition of scenery, the juxtaposition of overlapped, subtly shifting moments — and the implacable greyness of an unremarkable Seattle day. Its cumulative effect is a kind of Rashomon of boredom, whose tender but unrelenting filmic caress of Seattle’s most enchanting eyesore pulls the viewer through toward a bliss state.

Wilson Shook, Gust Burns, & Mark Kaylor

Roots improv and ephemeral maneuvers by a trio of Northwest favorites. An unlikely alignment of elements crystalizes for one night only at this auspicious locale. Shook, Burns, and Kaylor spin webs of exquisite gossamer from material as old as vibration itself. A rare treat not to be missed.

Flicker Duo (Sarah Pyle & Janna Webbon )

Flicker Duo, a collaboration between Sarah Pyle, flute, and Janna Webbon, violin, creates incandescent moments that evolve between sound and noise. Based in Western Washington, they build improvised sonic worlds inspired by visual art and the rich ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

Dave Knott

Artist Bios:

Wilson Shook is an improvising saxophonist and manual therapist living in Oakland, CA since 2022. His approach to music has been shaped by collaborative relationships with Gust Burns, Paul Hoskin, Ben Bennett, Greg Kelley, Carol Genetti, Ted Byrnes, and others, as well as an ongoing sonic exploration of the resonant void spaces of American hydrologic and transportation infrastructure. For 10 years Wilson helped to organize the performance space Gallery 1412 in Seattle, and worked closely with the Seattle Improvised Music Festival.

A self-taught musician, Wilson approaches improvisation, study, collaboration, and performance as sites of radical experimentation with modes of being, relating, and perceiving. Wilson’s practice cultivates an awareness of human vulnerability and technological fallibility; embraces excess, fragmentation, and incompleteness; and pursues the chaotic, queer, and interdependent imperatives of an aleatory existence amidst a crumbling, toxic culture.

Attentiveness, transformation, commitment to the materiality of the musical act and its consequences; radical presence as the only avenue of escape. Always mindful of the axiom, via Éluard—There is another world, but it is in this one.

Gust Burns makes work that is woven through several major fields including experimental composition, jazz, contemporary art practices, black studies, marx and post-marxism, art-critical theory, and musicology.

With a history as an improvising pianist, he makes music by utilizing multiple procedures; problematizing divisions between performance, score, recording, and text – work that intertwines the conceptual and sonic, critical and affective.

Two ways of thinking about the project: to uncover listening as social-historically constructed assemblage, and to elaborate and rehearse ways of being together (playing and hearing music).

Mark E Kaylor has spent most of his life involved with the world of percussion.  First starting with school band & orchestra, followed by various punk, rock, pop and some jazz outfits Mark eventually succumbed to the allure of improvisation.  For the last 20 years this has been the focus of Mark’s musical endeavors with some short tangents in composition along the way.

Mark has great interest in rhythm & raw sound/texture.  Both are seen as equally important and much time has been spent in investigating new & old ideas/techniques.

Over the years Mark has collaborated with numerous musicians and has appeared on dozens of recordings,  has performed all over,  played festivals, etc.

A short cross section of past projects includes Cex Fucx,  Hammer of Hathor, Haiku Ambulance, Cells, Thee Oregon Artificial Limb Co, Tat Vamasi, Htoo Trio, Kinetic Harpoon, etc.  As well as appearing as “side man” on various other bands’ recordings.

Currently Mark resides in Olympia Wa. but has also lived in Lancaster, Pa., Portland, Or., Philadelphia, Pa., and rural Maine.

Noel Kennon is an artist living and working in Seattle, currently associated with Gallery 1412 .

Seattle-based composer John Teske writes contemporary concert music for soloists, chamber groups, and chamber orchestra. Founder of the Broken Bow Ensemble and a series of “any ensemble” performances, he focuses on enhancing the listener experience, utilizing extended techniques and guided improvisation to create pieces that are crafted while maintaining a human and organic feel. His recent work includes topographies, a series of musical contour maps through which musicians navigate, site-specific performances in Seattle parks, and a series of works for chamber orchestra exploring consciousness and awareness. His music has been performed across the United States, in France, Brazil, and Russia, and has been supported by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, the Jack Straw Foundation, and the City of Seattle.

Dave Harvey is a rock’n’roll musician and film photographer from the Pacific Northwest. Harvey performs with Nudity and was a member of such groups as Sex Vid and Behead The Prophet NLSL. Harvey operates High Command analog recording studio in Olympia, WA.

Flicker Duo, a collaboration between Sarah Pyle, flute, and Janna Webbon, violin, creates incandescent moments that evolve between sound and noise. Based in Western Washington, they build improvised sonic worlds inspired by visual art and the rich ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.


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