Gallery 1412 is a storefront performance venue in Seattle’s Central District.  We operate as a collective of independent artists, primarily musicians, but also writers, dancers, theatre artists and other fellow travelers. We’ve occupied the space at 1412 18th Ave since it changed hands from Polestar Music Gallery in the fall of 2004.  Our purpose is twofold: to pool our energy and resources toward maintaining a space for each of us to pursue our own individual projects; and to provide a supportive and approachable non-commercial event space for other artists from Seattle and around the world.

Gallery 1412 recently completed our 15th year as one of Seattle’s great independent arts spaces.  We see this project as an expression of real grassroots creativity and a way of building, maintaining and sharing resources and infrastructure that are independent of state and commercial interests.

Directions: Gallery 1412 is located at 1412 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, between Union and Pike St. We’re in the Central District, close to Capitol Hill. We’re across the street from TT Minor School, and next door to Alexandra’s Macarons.