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SIMF / Opening Night featuring Patrick Shiroishi Feb 6.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival opens at Gallery 1412. Tonight’s featured visiting soloist is LA saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi + duos by locals Abbey Blackwell (bass) / Ebony Miranda (cello), Haley Freedlund (trombone) / Chris Icasiano (drums), and Marc Seales (piano) / Tom Varner (French horn). All ages, $5 – $20 suggested donation at the door.


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Eric Dahlman/Jim Knodle Saturday, January 26th 8 PM

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Extr.action – a desert installation




Marks made by the desert on a body (raw)
Marks made by a body on the desert (shallow)
Marks made by a history on the land (heavy)

The recontextualization of my body in the Chilean Atacama Desert, brought back to Seattle as marks and memories of an attempted reconciliation, reformation, atonement. The scratching away at myself as artifact of my familial past.

Installation by Jocelyn Beausire, as culmination of recent residency at La Wayaka Current.

Installation will run continuously from 2-8 pm, feel free to stop in / leave / stop back.

$5-15 suggested donation

note: material may not be suitable for sensitive viewers

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Cornish Creative Ensemble visits gallery 1412 (Nov 16th)

(An evening of music )(

doors at 8 music begins shortly after

Friday, November 16, 8 pm, Gallery 1412, all ages, free or donation only

Cornish Creative Ensemble, plus guests

Set One — Music by/inspired by: Paul Motian, Andrew Hill , and Dmitri
Set Two — Open and structured improvisations, round robin duos and
trios, open to guests

With Tom Varner, instructor and horn, Addison Kotulski, horn,
Christian Dahl, violin, Sasha Chung and Joe Oakes, guitars, Nicholas
Brannen, piano, Eli Luce-Baraceros, drums, and special guest, early
Creative Ensemble member, Troy Schiefelbein, bass. More special
guests in set two!


Image : October by Mark Tobey : founder of the visual art department at Cornish .

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Uneasy Chairs, Driftwood Orchestra, Cult Lords, møn, ACOMIP (Nov. 15th)

A night of improvisational noise experiments.

doors at 8 music at 8:30

5-15 suggested donationcropped-photo.jpg

Uneasy Chairs wrings unimaginable sounds of a guitar to create a sonic journey of the soul.

Driftwood Orchestra invites special guests to improvise on instruments he builds out of driftwood, springs, contact mics and various other metal objects.

Cult Lords play Hypnotic, droning post-rock meets shrieking apocalyptic noise.

møn is a combination of manipulated field recordings combining industrial and nature sounds with instruments like bass harmonica, eastern europe flute and modular synth. A meditative, ritual like listening experience in the tradition of early minimalist and electro acoustic musicians.

ACOMIP, the solo project of Bart Tomlin, creates noisy sonic atmosheres from live mic feedback, field recordings, analog effects and metallic percussion.

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Lonesome Leash~Lori Goldston & Jordan O Jordan~Amethyst de Wolfe // October 26th


8 DOORS / 8:30 MUSIC

OCTOBER 26th .


on tour from Los Angeles



Lonesome Leash is the solo project of Walt McClements, an accordionist and multi-instrumentalist known for his previous work in Dark Dark Dark, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?. Using a sparse palette of accordion, drums and voice, McClements crafts stark yet complex songs, nervous and triumphant hymns to the restless. Despite being anchored by the often anachronistic accordion, the music ends up having less to do with contemporary purveyors of old world idioms, and more to do with an alternate history—one where angular accordion lines take prominence over the guitar in a nervy and strangely cinematic post-punk tradition.

United by a mutual love of very old folk songs, local favorites Lori Goldston and Jordan O’ Jordan perform synesthetic versions of traditional British and Appalachian ballads, trying to conjure not only the stories but the scent, feel and taste of the places that birthed the music. Goldston is an accomplished cellist known for her work with Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, David Byrne, Jherek Bischoff, Cat Power and many more. O’ Jordan is a captivating songwriter and storyteller who has a way of subtly conjuring magic on stage.

Amethyst de Wolfe draws upon windswept prairie landscapes, bittersweet heartbreak and the rawness of grief to create songs that have been described as vulnerable, poignant and haunting.

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Jamie Green, Pauline Lay / Nov. 10th


5 – 15 suggested donation

doors at 8
music at 8:30

An evening of music

local supporting acts to be announced


Jamie Green is an improvisatory music maker from Los Angeles. Incorporating amplified violin, alto saxophone, tar (drum) and electronics, his rigorously naivist sound unfurls by tapping into hints of a Hindustani classical modality and a tendency toward ephemeral geometrical structures, interlocking melodic and rhythmic forms which tend to appear and recede just as quickly, actions not unlike ripples of folding water. Similar techniques are applied in his use of rhythmic and repetitive vocables, linked to his work as a published poet, which induce a heightened sensation of word-shapes while remaining primarily abstract-musical.

Pauline Lay is a violinist, solo artist, improviser and a long-standing music events curator/organizer based out of Los Angeles. She began performing solo pieces with acoustic and electronic instruments in 2014. Her latest recording “Alloy / Pulp” was released by Japanese tape label Heavy Mess. She also frequently collaborates with fellow LA musicians in a multitude of contexts, from duets to her piece “5×5”, a composition for 25 synthesizers. She has toured extensively in the U.S.


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