3×1·1×3: Sean Hamilton / James Falzone / Neil Welch


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Sean Hamilton, Neil Welch, and James Falzone will present three solo sets and a trio set Friday, May 10 at 8pm at Gallery 1412.


5-15 suggested donation


Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, improviser, and audio engineer whose interests primarily lie in the intersections of new music, electroacoustic music, free improvisation, experimental music, and interdisciplinary projects. Sean has presented performances throughout North America and in Europe, with featured performances including WKCR-FM New York’s Afternoon New Music, the Interference Series, the Red Room Series, the Anxious Sound Series, the SEAMUS National Conference, and those given while serving as an artist-in-residence with Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation (LIME) in the United Kingdom. He has also presented lectures on improvisation and composition at various universities in the US and United Kingdom, including the University of Arizona, New York University, the University of South Carolina, Goldsmiths University of London, and the University of Leeds. Sean is regular collaborator with artists of varying disciplines, and has previously collaborated with artists including VERB Ballets, New Orleans Airlift, Lindsey Kelley Dance, Tatsuya Nakatani, Death Posture, and Eli Blasko. (www.seanhamiltonmusic.com)

Saxophonist and composer Neil Welch is recognized as a major voice of the Seattle jazz and experimental music fields. His work is derived from improvisation, using largely non-traditional techniques that explore sonic resonance. With a strong connection to place, he performs and documents audio recordings prolifically within the urban and rural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Neil embraces a variety of resonant musical styles, with work spanning avant-garde jazz, modern composition, solo saxophone, North Indian classical music, and electronic sound processing. His playing unabashedly confronts the acoustical limits of the instrument. Downbeat Magazine called Neil “an impassioned tenor player” and All About Jazz calls his work “stunning and extraordinary.” Neil is dedicated to expanding the saxophone’s role in modern improvisation and composition.

Clarinetist, composer, and improviser JAMES FALZONE is an acclaimed member of the international jazz and creative music scenes, a veteran contemporary music lecturer and clinician, and an award-winning composer who has been commissioned by chamber ensembles, dance companies, choirs, and symphony orchestras around the globe.Educated at Northern Illinois University and New England Conservatory, James is also a respected educator and scholar and has been on the faculty of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Deep Springs College, North Central College, and was a fellow at The Center for Black Music Research. At present James is the Chair of Music at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Learn more about James Falzone and his work at his website: www.allosmusica.org

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An Evening of Music : Russ Greimluber May 11th

An evening of music: Russ Greimluber


5 -15 suggested donation

(come listen even if you can’t)

Russ Greimluber

Gust Burns and Austin Larkin

Eye Music

Greg Campbell


Russ Greimluber (solo set)

Russ Greimluber has been active for many years in the areas of contemporary improvisation, composition, jazz and new music. One of his earliest associations was as a member of the electric jazz/free music group ‘Om’ with Christy Doran, Fredy Studer and Bobby Burri, and he later formed the ‘Reflexionen’ quartet with Don Friedman and Bobby Burri in New York. More recently, his own projects have included ‘Ensemble Bleu’, ‘Xylem’, e_a.sonata 02 with the ARTE saxophone quartet, as well as a long association with Fritz Hauser: as a duo with the ongoing Music for saxophone and percussion; in the Leimgruber/Roidinger/Hauser trio; a trio with Joëlle Léandre; and a trio with Marilyn Crispell. He later formed the ‘quartet noir’ with Marilyn Crispell, Joëlle Léandre and Fritz Hauser, a trio with Jacques Demierre and Barre Phillips and the group SIX with Jacques Demierre, Isabelle Duthoit, Charlotte Hug, Dorothea Schürch and Thomas Lehn. Urs Leimgruber has also performed extensively as a solo artist and has been involved in mixed media presentations, providing music for dance, radio plays and film.

Russ Greimluber has undertaken concert tours in Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Japan, and appeared at concerts and on recordings with such musicians as Steve Lacy, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Lauren Newton, Michel Doneda, Keith Rowe, Günter Christmann, Sunny Murray and Günter Müller among many others.


Gust Burns and Austin Larkin (duo performance)

Gust Burns makes work that is woven through several major fields including experimental composition, jazz, contemporary art practices, black studies, marx and post-marxism, art-critical theory, and critical musicology.

With a history as an improvising pianist, he makes music by utilizing multiple procedures; problematizing divisions between performance, score, recording, and text – work that intertwines the conceptual and sonic, critical and affective.

Two ways of thinking about the project: to uncover listening as social-historically constructed assemblage, and to elaborate and rehearse ways of being together (playing and hearing music).

Burns holds an MFA in music/sound from Bard College, and is a doctoral student at the University of Washington.

Austin Larkin is focusing on sound taking form in the irreducible, innate, (in)audible, spatial.
Currently residing in Seattle, WA.


Eye music (ensemble performance)

“Fans of the avant should investigate Eye Music whose existence shocks and pleases me. I’m appalled that no local college or university in Washington has an ensemble dedicated to performing graphic scores—nontraditional notation usually made up of lines, words, and symbols. So I’m grateful that Eye Music, which includes Stuart Dempster, Dissonant Plane cofounder Eric Lanzillotta, Esther Sugai, and Dean Moore, continues to champion such overlooked music.” – Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger


Greg Campbell

“There tends to be kind of one way of thinking about what instruments can do. My own sort of theory is that that one way of treating instruments is more a part of the European/Euro-American art tradition of music and the idea of taking a single thing and trying to find out what it can do comes from African sources and other folk traditions where you might not have a lot of time and space and resources to make musical things happen so you have to use what you have and get as many things out of it as you can.”GC

(supported by the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia)



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Sonnet/Matsumoto/Gundran/Kelley, Tongue Depressor, Rob Noyes {APRIL 21st}


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Act I
Rob Noyes

Act II
Tongue Depressor (New Haven, CT)

Act II



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April 13th. An evening of music

An Evening of Assorted Happenings

Doors at 8

As an homage to the Irish writer Samuel Becket for his 113th birthday .

All proceeds go straight to gallery 1412 to help with various odds and ends around the space

Program will be posted and announced from the stage some
pieces / readings / improvisations /

Participants :

Joey Largent
Christin Call
Neil Welch
Noel Kennon
Troy Schiefelbein

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An evening of music : shapes / grains

No photo description available.


An evening of music in support of Kayla Guthrie a traveling artist from New York

5-15 suggested donation (support touring artists!)

darkness, drones, and improvisation .

doors at 8 music soon after .

Kayla Guthrie (NYE)

Kayla Guthrie charts emotional structures and introspective landscapes through her music, writing, and visual art.

Her EP “Blue” was released in 2015 by Mixed Media Recordings. It was described in The Wire as “a twilight zone both lyrically and conceptually…as if Guthrie’s thoughts and words coincide with an atmosphere that she contingently occupies for this moment.”

The release was followed by gallery performances at Greene Naftali (New York), Contemporary Art Daily (Chicago), Massimo de Carlo (London), Sandy Brown (Berlin), and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf’s 2015 graduation ceremony as well as a residency and performance at Electro Müller, the former site of Kraftwerk’s Kling Klang Studios in Düsseldorf.

She has exhibited and performed at many art and music venues including Real Fine Arts, Bodega, Off Vendome, JTT, The Whitney Museum of American Art (in collaboration with Nate Lowman’s “Homage To Jay Defeo”, 2013), MINI/Goethe Institut Curatorial Residency, Signal, Basilica Hudson, Pioneer Works, Knockdown Center, Deli Gallery, SADE LA, New York Art Book Fair (2008), and others.
Scuzz Nun

rare appearance.. not to be missed!

Omni Anti Music Chord:


Joey Largent


With meditations in structure, sound transference through the body, spatial influence on compositional development, and field recording improvisation. this work explores the manipulation of sonic frequencies in order to heighten the listening environment for reflective explorations of time, memory, and depths of psychological reverberations.


The Impressionists .

A collaborative project between Justin Lazar and Noel Kennon

viola , clarinets, percussion, objects , cassettes, field recordings, collage …


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March 26th — Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson•JeffCarey•Blevin Blectum•Greg Kelley

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Join us at Gallery 1412 for performances by visiting artists Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Jeff Carey, both of whom work with electronic sound but eschew the impassive, near-motionless performance ethos typical of the field in favor of an intense physicality. Sigmarsson’s performances are equal parts concert and inscrutable theater, in which his body discharges wild, cryptic gesticulations and extreme vocalizations. Carey realizes his hyperkinetic audiovisual spectacles by means of a custom interface incorporating video game controllers, which he jerks and pushes around as if trying to defuse a bomb that to all appearances is already in the midst of a prolonged detonation. Local heroes Blevin Blectum and Greg Kelley provide supporting sets.
$5-15 sliding scale

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson is an visual, sound and performance artist born in Akureyri, Iceland in 1977. He studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland in 1997 to 1998, and received MFA at Fachochshcule fur bilende kunst Hannover, Germany in 2004. Sigmarsson exhibits his paintings & drawings internationally but is probably most known for his energetic performances at a wide array of venues. His approach is that of the trembling artist, struggling to make sense and direction out of a creative impulse. Regardless of the medium, there is a continuous search for order and chaos throughout his body of work. With his series of drawings Sigmarsson distorts the normal, daily life by drawing very common objects in an abstract way. For some time he has been releasing solo recordings with albums on Trente Oiseaux, ERS, Helen Scarsdale, Fire Inc., Hanson Records, Bawag Contemporary Vienna, Korm Plastics, Bottrop Boy, Ultra Eczema and De Player.


Jeff Carey is an interdisciplinary artist creating radical computer music. He performs electro-instrumental synthetic noise with custom software controlled by a joystick and gamer keypad. His instrument also controls an array of strobe lights making shows totally immersive and visceral.


Blevin Blectum (born Bevin Kelley) is an electronic musician and multimedia artist whose work explores “polyphasic avitronic wordless sonic worldbuilding.” Currently based in Seattle, Blevin is perhaps most best known as one half of the recently reformed and reunited groundbreaking digital duo Blectum From Blechdom (with Kevin Blechdom aka Kristin Erickson) who received the 2001 Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in Digital Musics for their album The Messy Jesse Fiesta. In 2013 she co-founded the electroacoustic-radioplayers The Traveling Bubble Ensemble with fellow sci-fi enthusiast and sibling Kelley Polar (Michael Kelley). Left to her own devices, Blevin produces turbulent electronics with a more oblique slant on the basic BFB sensation of things-not-quite-right-here – clanking, creaking grooves and anti-grooves as a coal-powered spacecraft from some post-steampunked parallel universe potentiality. She can be heard in radio plays, electronic toys, theater spaces, film/television scores, advertisements, clubs, concert halls, headphones, and galleries. She has releases on labels including Aagoo, Estuary Ltd., Tigerbeat6, DeluxeRecs, Praemedia, Vague Terrain, and Phthalo.


Greg Kelley began studying the trumpet at age 10. He attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, where in addition to studying the Conservatory curriculum, he immersed himself in a deep study of avant- garde and experimental music, eventually coming to the conclusion that his musical focus fell outside of the academic sphere. After his studies, Kelley moved back to his native Massachusetts, quickly insinuated himself into the local avant-garde circles and soon commenced a period of intense travel and collaboration, bringing him throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Argentina & Mexico. In 2014, he relocated to Seattle. He has appeared on over 100 recordings and plays in a number of long running groups including Nmperign (with Bhob Rainey), the BSC and Heathen Shame (with Wayne Rogers & Kate Village of Major Stars). Other collaborators have included Jandek, Keiji Haino, Donald Miller (Borbetomagus), Anthony Braxton, Kevin Drumm, Christian Wolff, Pauline Oliveros, Joe McPhee and Lionel Marchetti. In addition to playing the trumpet, Kelley has also recorded music using electronics and musique concrete elements, sometimes utilizing trumpet based sound sources, other times not.


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March 9th * Brent Arnold, James Falzone, and guests

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Brent Arnold, solo cello and electronics /
A Spontaneous Quartet: Brent Arnold, James Falzone, and guests


Brent Arnold, cellist and composer. Heavy minimalism, improvisation, and art song, touching on experimental music, indie rock, jazz, North African, Persian, and Arabic music. Founding member of Ghost Quartet with Dave Malloy and created the cello music for the acclaimed TV show Louie. Played and collaborated with artists including The Antlers, Gelsey Bell, Brittain Ashford, Reggie Watts, Aditya Kalyanpur, Baby Copperhead, Jessica Pavone, DJ/rupture, Filastine, Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kenney, Wally Shoup, Sleater-Kinney, and Modest Mouse. Studied with violinist Michael White (Pharoah Sanders, John Handy) and cellist Walter Grey (Kronos Quartet) and currently resides in New York City.


James Falzone is a tremendously likable, alert, no-nonsense improvising clarinetist.
Mr. Falzone’s music is thoughtful and often quiescent . . . but he can play hard to the breaking point.”
Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

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An Evening of Music : Geneva Skeen and others

5-15 suggested donation.
doors at 8 music at 8:30
electronic wanderings from traveling artist Geneva Skeen and local performers . to be announced shortly

Influenced by écriture féminine, alchemical metaphors, and a range of musical traditions ranging from holy mysticism to industrial, Skeen works with with recordings, digital presets, voice, and mixed instrumentation. Her performances, publications, and installations focus on the contrast between facing the finite resources of our physical landscapes and their infinite digital representations.


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SIMF / Opening Night featuring Patrick Shiroishi Feb 6.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival opens at Gallery 1412. Tonight’s featured visiting soloist is LA saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi + duos by locals Abbey Blackwell (bass) / Ebony Miranda (cello), Haley Freedlund (trombone) / Chris Icasiano (drums), and Marc Seales (piano) / Tom Varner (French horn). All ages, $5 – $20 suggested donation at the door.

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Eric Dahlman/Jim Knodle Saturday, January 26th 8 PM

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