Interglacial Rift 3/19-3/20

Interglacial Rift is an installation of two new video works by Kole Galbraith and Sean Waple. The works aim to introduce incoherence into the algorithms of capital. They will be played in sequence and looped from 7-10PM on Saturday 3/19 and Sunday 3/20.

Kole Galbraith & Sean Waple’s audiovisual practice aims to center the dialectical social relationships between humans, digital media and the natural environment. They are interested in using creative frameworks to explore the digital mediation of the everyday and the possibility of functional re-integration and synthesis between modern human civilization and the rest of the natural world. Their work has been exhibited and performed in Seattle, Denver, New York City, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Matt Robidoux (San Francisco), Painted Faces (NYC), CHARI (Seattle) -> 2/24/22. 8pm

Music at Gallery 1412 doors 7:30 music at 8. 5-15 dollar suggested donation.

3 acts.

Matt Robidoux (San Francisco), Painted Faces (NYC), CHARI (Seattle)



Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer/improviser interested in the interstices of movement and sound, accessibility within contemporary music and the communicative capacities of sonic energy. In 2017 Matt established the Adaptive Instrument Ensemble (AIE), a community based practice focused on expanding the improvising community across abilities, demographics, and geographies. Beginning with a pilot workshop in 2019, Robidoux founded the Prepared Guitar Ensemble in collaboration with Creativity Explored, a studio-based collective that partners with people with developmental disabilities to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us. This tour is in support of “At Dust”, a 2021 electroacoustic solo album made with many friends and collaborators and released on Already Dead Records and Tapes.

“At Dust, the new album from San Francisco-based musician Matt Robidoux, feels both microscopic and as if soundtracking their own pastoral realm. The follow-up to last year’s Brief Candles, is painstakingly detailed and spacious. The vibrancy of these eleven eclectic tracks is simultaneously unplanned and contained by loose compositional parameters.” – Margaret Farrell


Painted Faces(NYC), long running solo project from Queens, NY, originally Fla, has put out a few LP’s on ESP Disk and a variety of other subterranean labels. Outsider psych/experimental/loner weirdo, active since 2009 in the NORTH AMERICAN UNDERGROUND.

“Solo bedroom/outsider psych from the Queens-based hands of David Drucker. Having released a record on ESP-Disk and numerous tapes for DIY labels, Painted Faces is impossible to pin down stylistically, but who would want to do that anyways?!? Far better to just give yourself over to the lysergic soundscape on display. It’s a weird journey, but wander around with these songs in your cranium, and the rewards will become crystal clear. This is boundary-crossing music that straddles mystery and accessibility in a way nobody else even attempts. Not unlike walking down an unknown street while receiving inner ear transmissions from a haunted house.” (Tape Drift 2020)

CHARI (Seattle)

Chari Glogovac-Smith is a composer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and mixed media artist. Using an evolving mixture of traditional and experimental techniques, Chari is dynamically exploring and illustrating various counterpoints between human experience and society. Chari’s recent works have posed questions about empathy, conflict, emotional intelligence, social justice, healing, listening, and time. Their examinations and integrations of mediums, materials, and methodologies have centered around their research into the theories and practices of afro-futurism, deep listening, sound, minimalism, mechatronics, machine learning, and neuroaesthetics.


COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Following current mandates from King County & WA State public health officials, all audience members at this performance will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Proof of vaccination status and/or recent negative COVID test result will be required for entry.

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October 23rd and 24th an audio visual installation with a duration from 6-10 pm

Donations are encouraged

Suspension Blues is an audio-visual work for a sensory-enhanced environment.  Strobing pulsations of light and color arranged in a phasing arc, combined with shimmering hi-frequency drones and glissandi make up the structural foundations.  Through the infinite duration of saturated sound+color, participants are offered a gateway into the trance of the “blue’d-strobo-sphere”.

To enter the space you MUST provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 and be masked at all times. The work will be running continuously for 4 hours. Participants are encouraged to enter and leave at any point in the work. We will be limiting the number of people inside the space from 1 to 3 people. If there is a time you would like to reserve please write to us.

John Krausbauer ~~> is a composer/multi-instrumentalist/artist based in Oakland, CA and co-founder of the Los Angeles publishing label, Besom Presse. A long time purveyor of the ur-drone and trance-psychedelia, his compositional work involves audio transmissions for TOTAL/immersive experience. Transcendence through repetition, duration, alternate tunings, maximum volumes, and stroboscopic lighting. In recent years he has returned to improvisational playing and sought out particular collaborations to further explore his interest in improvisatory music making. He has performed and presented his music across N America, Europe, and Japan in a multitude of settings – from basements, sidewalks, and rock clubs to colleges, churches, and art museums. Over 20 recordings of his have been released on independent labels in the US, Europe, and Japan. His group and solo music can be found on Important, Beta-Lactam Ring, ANTS, Fabrica, Debacle, Autumn, Thin Wrist (upcoming), and a number of other international labels. His current music projects include the Ecstatic Music Band (a 10+ member-collective of strings players); solo music for amplified violin and tape; his collaboration with partner, Kaori Suzuki, with bells, voices, strings, electronics; the Minimalist psych-punk group Night Collectors; his systems-based phase compositions; as well as past and ongoing duo collaborations with Louisville resonator guitarist R. Keenan Lawler, NYC bagpiper David Watson, and Tokyo guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama.

Kaori Suzuki ~~~ > is a Tokyo-born music maker/composer currently living in Oakland, CA.  She seeks heightened listening-and-being states in her sound visions, and uses high-droning modified acoustic instruments, electroacoustic sound technologies, intensely high register electronics, tape, and other elements necessary to spin her auditory transmissions. 

Her current projects include solo compositions and computer music for vhf-combination tones; on-going collaborative light-sound happenings with partner, John Krausbauer; drumming in the Oakland-based minimalist psych-punk group, Night Collectors; and playing amplified cello and guitar in the Ecstatic Music Band.  

Suzuki holds a diverse background in electronic music, having designed and produced handmade electronic instruments for her company, Magic Echo Music, from 2009-2015. Her vintage inspired synthesizers have most notably been used by musicians Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C, Astro), and Norm Chambers (Panabrite).  As a performer, Suzuki has presented her music at numerous venues in multitudes of settings across North America, Japan, and Europe, including the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Debacle Festival (Seattle), Berkeley Art Museum, OTOOTO (Tokyo), WORM (Rotterdam), Issue Project Room (NYC), Quiet City Series (Vancouver CN), The Lab (San Francisco), Gallery Nomart (Osaka), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), Elastic Arts (Chicago), BAZ’Art Festival (Geneva), FUSE Arts (UK), Arkaoda (Berlin), CCRMA (Stanford University), and Human Resources/Volume Presents (Los Angeles), and many others. 

Suzuki has published her recordings on independent labels in Germany and the U.S., and has forthcoming releases on Moving Furniture Records (NL) and Erototox Decodings (US). She is currently on faculty in the music department at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, where she teaches the techniques and literature of electronic music.


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Feb .8. An Evening of Right Brain Music: CHA, Spontanea and Friends

Image may contain: indoor

doors at 7:30

come and listen

5-15 suggested donation

CHA is a trio of innovative women: Carol Levin (harp), Heather Bentley (viola), Amelia Love Clearheart (voice). This concert signifies the release of their first album. Free improvisation quartet Spontanea will open, with two very special guests – acclaimed cellist James Hoskins and vocalist Vickie Dodd. This will be an evening of unique music in the intimate gallery space.

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Eugene Chadbourne 2/16

We are happy to present Eugene Chadbourne live in concert . Feb 16th.

Doors at 8 music shortly after .
5-15 suggested donations

Eugene Chadbourne : guitar player , writer , inventor of the electric rake .

to read more visit this website:

to hear more follow these links

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Jan. 18th: Cascadia Trio / Ruby Lucinda Trio



8pm | $5-15 | All Ages

CASCADIA TRIO | Abbey Blackwell, bass / Neil Welch, saxophones, Greg Campbell, percussion and cornet. A fiery avant jazz trio, performing original pieces composed by each member, with deep listening free improvs, reinterpretations of a Scott Joplin rag and an angsty ’90s cowboy song.

RUBY DUNPHY TRIO | Kathy Moore, guitar, Trevor O’Loughin, bass, Ruby Dunphy, drums. A powerhouse trio of kaleidoscopic sound.


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November 8th – Jim Haynes and friends

farallons-01An Evening of Music :

Doors at 8 music shortly after
5 to 15 suggested donation.

featuring 3 events :

jim haynes
bloom offering

Jim Haynes

Describing his work through the pithy phrase, “I rust things”, Jim Haynes (b. 1972) is a California based artist who has developed a vocabulary of decay that he has applied to photography, sculpture, installation, and sound. He has exhibited internationally at institutions such as The Exploratorium (San Francisco), WestSpace (Melbourne, Australia), Jack Straw Productions (Seattle), Eyedrum (Atlanta), Diapson (New York), and The Lab (San Francisco).

Bloom Offering :

bloom offering is the synth-wave / blighted electronic project of seattle’s nicole carr.

Leash :



photograph by Jim Haynes

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October 19th : Hearts and Minds – James Falzone



An evening of music :

doors at 8 music shortly after
5 – 15 suggested donation (none turned away )

Featuring: 2 events –


‘Hearts and Minds’ (chicago) -Jason Stein- bass clarinet, Paul Giallorenzo- synthesizer/electric piano, Chad Taylor- drums.


James Falzone – clarinets / possibly objects

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June 27th

June 27th
5-15 suggested donation
doors at 8pm music shortly after .
Wizard Apprentice (OAK)
Brin (PDX)
Pink Void (SEA)
Josh Medina (SEA)
Image may contain: 1 person

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Saturday, June 15, 2019
8pm / $5-15
Gallery 1412 (1412 18th Ave, Seattle)
Marshall R. Trammell (percussion) w/ Jason M. McGill (alto saxophone). Trammell, the veteran music-research activist/archivist perhaps best know within Seattle for his group Black Spirituals (Sige Records), is currently on tour with his current project, Status Quo Is My Enemy. He will be joined by McGill to continue a natural dialog that began between the two musicians 25 years ago in San Francisco, performing Trammell’s improvisational form “Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality — Duo Vernacular.”
Sheridan Riley is based in Seattle, but is most often found touring the world far and wide behind a variety of drum kits, perpetually in demand by a number of bands like Canada’s Alvvays. She’ll stay in town just long enough to share this solo work she’s been developing and deepening as of late, most recently at the Ballard Jazz Festival.
CSTMR is otherwise known as Casey Adams (drums) and Tom Scully (guitar), two of Seattle’s most enthusiastic improvised thrash providers. Check out their blistering recently released Live at Susquatch 4 at
No individual, group, or family will be spurned on account of an inability to meet this event’s suggested donation. Thank you.

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