Borys Kossakowski Album Release + The Lonely Coast / October 27th


Doors at 8 music at 8:30

5-15 suggested donation


Release party of the Borys Kossakowski Solo Band new album ‘Political Songs’ with The Lonely Coast.

Borys performs solo with guitar, looper, clarinet and saxophone blending songs with improvisation and ambient music creating the ‘songscapes’.

A songwriter is like a postman who delivers songs like letters to the addressees.

For the fans of: Leonard CohenBob DylanBon Iver, Low, Jose Gonzales, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Borys live:

Before moved to Seattle performed with: Sunday PagansTowary Zastępcze and Karol Schwarz All Stars, on: Open’er FestivalOFF FestivalRock Lottery and Spacefest! (among others).


The Lonely Coast

The Lonely Coast (Anne Mathews & Valerie Holt) perform close-harmony duets, lullabies, folk and traditional music spanning Eastern Europe and the Americas as well as original songs. The duo met in 2004 as percussionists in Seattle’s politically-driven, mobile performance group, the Infernal Noise Brigade, and have since been performing, touring and teaching nationally and internationally


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Concert : Furniture Music / October 18th

tile.jpgConcert : Furniture Music

(an exploration of the overtone series)

an immersive durational night of sound

feedback / sine waves / acousmatic sound / spatialization

Doors at 8 music at 8:30 ends at 11:30

5-15 suggested donation (not required )

Donations strongly encouraged all proceeds go to support Gallery 1412 .

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Vida Rose Bff / Better Femme Future October 12th

Vida Rose presents:
bff/ Better Femme Future
with music by Lauren Moore and special guests
TICKETS: $10 at the door

The idea for BFF was conceived 5 years ago when I had a series of dreams that took place in a slightly better version of Seattle. Slightly more interesting problems, slightly less suffering. I became obsessed with this angle of sci fi that is not utopian or dystopian, just, like, a tiny bit better. I also realized how powerful the genre of sci fi is in our culture, even people who don’t like comic books or reading fiction or super hero movies are influenced by the ideas of what is possible. And in film, those ideas are mostly about the possible ways humans can kill each other. Which is really boring to me. For example I would have enjoyed the movie Star Wars more if it were 2 hours of Luke’s mom walking around the house. What is her idea of beauty, what’s the most important story passed down from her ancestors? What songs does she sing in the shower, which herbs does she use for medicine? That is an extreme example, I realize that many people love that movie for what it is. But I’m saying I want to see sci fi movies about possible futures of art, medicine, how we heal each other, of how our day to day experiences feel. I also believe the practice of playfully exploring different ideas of what we want to happen to this world is really powerful, and it’s necessary for people involved in social justice work, service work, and activism to keep from burning out. So in some ways this is a film project about the future of medicine that is also meant to be medicine for my community and my friends.42734870_1985326761490481_5795973132326010880_o

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Dave Nicholson and Greg Campbell

Dave Nicholson (alto saxophone, clarinet) and Greg Campbell (drums, French horn) present a night of improvised duets.   Paul Hoskin (contrabass clarinet, baritone saxophone) may join the fray.  We’d love to see you there.

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Gallery 1412 (1412 18th Ave, Seattle)

$5 – $15 sliding scale donation

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Dan Clucas, Tom Varner, Greg Campbell, Liam Hardison, Heather Bentley

Image result for dan clucas cornet Image result for tom varner

L.A.-based cornet player Dan Clucas reunites with Seattle’s own jazz French horn specialist and Cornish College music faculty Tom Varner for a night of spontaneous improvisation.  They’ll be joined in various combinations by two other Cornish community members —  percussion faculty Greg Campbell on drums, percussion, and French horn/brass, and Cornish student Liam Hardison on guitar and/or lap steel.  Violist Heather Bentley and a few other friends may join the throng, so expect the unexpected.

Thursday, 13 September

8:00 pm

$5-$15 sliding scale donation

all ages

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Ecstatic Music Band , A.F. Jones , Austin Larkin / Sept. 14th

sept 14th1



Sept. 14th

Doors at 8 Music at 8:30

Austin Larkin

Austin Larkin is focusing on sound taking form in the irreducible, innate, (in)audible, spatial.
Currently residing in Seattle, WA.

A.F. Jones

Alan F Jones (Dallas, TX, 1971) is a Washington-based seafarer, audio engineer, composer, and performing musician. He has spent collective years underwater analyzing, studying, and monitoring the acoustic environment of the world’s oceans. Recently relocated to Washington from California, he has released a number of recordings including his own compositions, occasionally scores for film, and has recorded and performed with Reed Evan Rosenberg, Judith Hamann, Nathan Hubbard, Sarah Hennies, Cristián Alvear, Jacob Wick, Peter Vincent, Barry Chabala, Ethan Tripp, and Derek Rogers, among others. He has engineered audio and advised for numerous local and international musicians and performing ensembles as Chief Mastering Engineer at Laminal Audio. He also runs the Marginal Frequency record label.

Ecstatic Music Band (oakland)

The Ecstatic Music Band is a collective of over 10 members. The group performs on both amplified acoustic instruments and electric instruments with tuning systems derived directly from the overtone series. Their compositional-improvisations produce dense and dynamic fields of harmonic interference and reinforcement, while searching for a deep consonance amid the flux of microtonal variations, beating tones, difference tones, and psychoacoustic phenomena.

they will present a performance for trio .

Violin / Guitar / Viola

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A night of music: Thank You, Free Music, Abbey Blackwell

Doors at 8
music at 8:30

some traveling music . and local support .

5-15 suggested donation

no one turned away.

Abbey Blackwell

Thank You

Free Music

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