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Troot’s Back, This Thursday October 30: 8pm


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Friday, October 24: Jacqueline Suskin says, “Go Ahead and Like It”

Come celebrate the release of Jacqueline Suskin’s new book Go Ahead and Like It!

Jacqueline sez:

“Many years ago I was in a short-lived band called “List of Likes.” Our performance at Gallery 1412 in Seattle consisted of me reading a long list of things that I like while a strange costumed noise band played behind me. So I am thrilled that I get to bring “Go Ahead & Like It” back to some of its roots. Join me on the evening of Oct 24 at Gallery 1412 to celebrate, make lists of things that you like, buy books, and maybe dance a little.”

New York Times mag sez:

“In our digital era of numbly clicking “like” as we impassively watch our friends’ lives scroll by on Facebook and Instagram, along comes an analog antidote: “Go Ahead & Like It,” a new art book/self-help guide by the Los Angeles poet Jacqueline Suskin. The 29-year-old is well known around town for Poem Store, a self-described “performance poetry piece” she sets up at farmers’ markets, events and weddings. To create each poem, she asks for a subject and then briskly pecks out evocative lines on a vintage Hermès typewriter in exchange for whatever amount the recipient deems it to be worth.

With “Go Ahead & Like It,” Suskin offers up a simple practice that she finds incredibly therapeutic: making lists of things you like. It began several years ago when a friend (to whom she dedicates the book) gave her a list. “It was kind of like a flirty ‘get to know me’ note,” she said. “That’s all it was, just a list of things he likes. I thought it was a fascinating concept to show someone this part of yourself, your interests, but in this really detailed way.” His original list of likes is included in the book, as are many of Suskin’s own. The project is part scrapbook — photographs collaged with a mix of type- and hand-written pieces of paper — and part how-to.”

…come on out and make a list of your own, hear some tasty tunes courtesy of Hair Envelope, and have a little fun, for crying out loud.

more on jacqueline suskin:

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Tim Root & Everybody Returns October 30


With Joel Palmer – Guitar and Electronics

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October Event Calendar

* Lots of stuff happening in OCTOBER at Gallery 1412: *
Th 10/9 9p: Tim Root & Kelly Wyse
Th 10/16 8p: Gilles Aubry (Berlin/Switzerland) & Timm Mason (Seattle)
Sa 10/18 7pm: Stag Hare (SLC,UT) Ashan (Oakland,CA) Ecstatic Cosmic Union
Su 10/19 6p: poetry [in] exhibition
Th 10/23 8p: Visual Art: Melissa Kagerer, Jasmine Gervais, CÈLFIE Poetry: Elissa Ball, Sarah Galvin Music: Bardo:Basho
Fr 10/24 8p: Reading: Jacqueline Suskin
Th 10/30 8p: Tim Root & Joel Palmer
Sa 11/1 TBA – Gallery 1412 10th Anniversary Show

Hope to see you at a show or two!

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October 16th — Gilles Aubry (Berlin/Switzerland) and Timm Mason (Seattle)

Gilles Aubry (Berlin/Switzerland)
Timm Mason (Seattle)
Doors At 8:00pm.
Gallery 1412


“Les Ames Amplifiees” by Gilles Aubry will be released as a CD/book on at the begining of October 2014, followed by a US/Europe tour this fall.

In his performance, Aubry improvises with recordings documenting a neo-pentecostal spiritual service recorded in 2011 in Kinshasa (DRC). During collective praying sessions and speaking-in-tongues, the church members oppose evil spirits causing various existential problems. The sound, powerful and over-distorted, attests both on their supernatural powers and their capacity for soul amplification… By extension, the performance also questions the devotion of noise music fans, addressing existing cultural boundaries between taste, faith and perception.

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss musician and sound artist living in Berlin since 2002. Based on an auditory approach of the real, his practice is informed by researches on cultural and historical aspects of sound production and reception. Combining ethnography, critical discourse and formal experiments, his sonic images (phonographies) of more or less identified situations stand as an attempt to challenge problematic aspects of visual representation. Aubry is a member of noise band MONNO and has released several solo records on labels such as Winds Measure, Cronica Electronica, Gruenrekorder and Absinth Records.


Timm Mason has been performing as Mood Organ since 2004.  He is a member of Midday Veil, Master Musicians of Bukkake, and TJ MAX.  He recently began performing under his given name, exploring his obsession with analog and digital synthesis, programmable controllers, feedback and complex systems, and psychoacoustics.

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