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An Evening of Music : Russ Greimluber May 11th

An evening of music: Russ Greimluber


5 -15 suggested donation

(come listen even if you can’t)

Russ Greimluber

Gust Burns and Austin Larkin

Eye Music

Greg Campbell


Russ Greimluber (solo set)

Russ Greimluber has been active for many years in the areas of contemporary improvisation, composition, jazz and new music. One of his earliest associations was as a member of the electric jazz/free music group ‘Om’ with Christy Doran, Fredy Studer and Bobby Burri, and he later formed the ‘Reflexionen’ quartet with Don Friedman and Bobby Burri in New York. More recently, his own projects have included ‘Ensemble Bleu’, ‘Xylem’, e_a.sonata 02 with the ARTE saxophone quartet, as well as a long association with Fritz Hauser: as a duo with the ongoing Music for saxophone and percussion; in the Leimgruber/Roidinger/Hauser trio; a trio with Joëlle Léandre; and a trio with Marilyn Crispell. He later formed the ‘quartet noir’ with Marilyn Crispell, Joëlle Léandre and Fritz Hauser, a trio with Jacques Demierre and Barre Phillips and the group SIX with Jacques Demierre, Isabelle Duthoit, Charlotte Hug, Dorothea Schürch and Thomas Lehn. Urs Leimgruber has also performed extensively as a solo artist and has been involved in mixed media presentations, providing music for dance, radio plays and film.

Russ Greimluber has undertaken concert tours in Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Japan, and appeared at concerts and on recordings with such musicians as Steve Lacy, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Lauren Newton, Michel Doneda, Keith Rowe, Günter Christmann, Sunny Murray and Günter Müller among many others.


Gust Burns and Austin Larkin (duo performance)

Gust Burns makes work that is woven through several major fields including experimental composition, jazz, contemporary art practices, black studies, marx and post-marxism, art-critical theory, and critical musicology.

With a history as an improvising pianist, he makes music by utilizing multiple procedures; problematizing divisions between performance, score, recording, and text – work that intertwines the conceptual and sonic, critical and affective.

Two ways of thinking about the project: to uncover listening as social-historically constructed assemblage, and to elaborate and rehearse ways of being together (playing and hearing music).

Burns holds an MFA in music/sound from Bard College, and is a doctoral student at the University of Washington.

Austin Larkin is focusing on sound taking form in the irreducible, innate, (in)audible, spatial.
Currently residing in Seattle, WA.


Eye music (ensemble performance)

“Fans of the avant should investigate Eye Music whose existence shocks and pleases me. I’m appalled that no local college or university in Washington has an ensemble dedicated to performing graphic scores—nontraditional notation usually made up of lines, words, and symbols. So I’m grateful that Eye Music, which includes Stuart Dempster, Dissonant Plane cofounder Eric Lanzillotta, Esther Sugai, and Dean Moore, continues to champion such overlooked music.” – Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger

Greg Campbell

“There tends to be kind of one way of thinking about what instruments can do. My own sort of theory is that that one way of treating instruments is more a part of the European/Euro-American art tradition of music and the idea of taking a single thing and trying to find out what it can do comes from African sources and other folk traditions where you might not have a lot of time and space and resources to make musical things happen so you have to use what you have and get as many things out of it as you can.”GC

(supported by the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia)




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Sonnet/Matsumoto/Gundran/Kelley, Tongue Depressor, Rob Noyes {APRIL 21st}


Image may contain: text

Act I
Rob Noyes

Act II
Tongue Depressor (New Haven, CT)

Act II



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April 13th. An evening of music

An Evening of Assorted Happenings

Doors at 8

As an homage to the Irish writer Samuel Becket for his 113th birthday .

All proceeds go straight to gallery 1412 to help with various odds and ends around the space

Program will be posted and announced from the stage some
pieces / readings / improvisations /

Participants :

Joey Largent
Christin Call
Neil Welch
Noel Kennon
Troy Schiefelbein

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