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Fletcher Tucker w/ Amulets, Thelma (aka Benoît Pioulard) & Vradiazei

New music at the Gallery coming up on October 13th

w/ Amulets, Thelma (aka Benoît Pioulard) & Vradiazei



suggested donation of 5 – 15



Fletcher Tucker will preform a single, continuous, highly ritualistic, long-form composition. The piece is ambient, shadowy, and almost entirely acoustic with an emphasis on the animistic character of the instruments themselves… a 110-year-old Finnish pump organ, Appalachian dulcimer, a rattle made of leaves… to name just a few. Songs emerge from the minimalistic sound-field and are subsumed back into the field without interruption. Ancient tones and primordial perspectives are evoked. The raw, mystical energies of Tucker’s wild home-place (Big Sur, California) are summoned and embodied.

Fletcher Tucker is touring to support his new record, “Cold Spring”, his 6th LP, four years in the making. Tucker is also the label-head and founder of Gnome Life Records, home to releases by Daniel Higgs, Robbie Basho, Little Wings and many more.

“In ‘Cold Spring’, Tucker sinks into the redwoods and roots out something ancient and always. [‘Cold Spring’] shares an environmental consciousness heard in records by Mount Eerie and Agalloch, where the woods and mountains of the West Coast not only become an instrument, but a way of being with dirt and trees and birds. A truly incredible record.” – NPR 

“…unreservedly dark at times. Like nature itself, the record can feel spooky, inspiring an awe that comes close to dread… over and over again, the completed record bears [Fletcher Tucker] out, sounding thoroughly haunted, an arboraceous, psychedelic journey that reveals more with each listen.” – Aquarium Drunkard

“Tucker evokes Big Sur’s natural grandeur with echo-shrouded vocals, shimmering synthesizers, wildlife field recordings, booming drums… [yet] one suspects that he spent as much time paring back as he spent building up. Each note and line occupies its own space in a big, uncluttered sound field, and each song moves at a pace that reinforces the solemnity of the proceedings.” – The Wire Magazine


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