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August 28: Jamison Williams’ “The Art of Walt Disney”

‘THE ART OF WALT DISNEY’: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook; extending from his ten-city tour of the Rust Belt, this limited three-city tour of the PNW, with continue to candidly and intimately showcase a series of solo soprano saxophone expositions, proudly presenting extensive musical deconstructive emphasis on a core medley spanning over 75 years of Disney songbook classics; in all its historic glory, this experimental / improvisational jazz performance will guarantee a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, while pleasantly making acquaintance with the memorable abstraction of its yesterself.
Jamison Williams (soprano saxophone)
Soprano saxophone player specializing in experimental deconstructionism, and extended techniques; currently organizing and operating the Experimental Arts Union of Florida (, +SoLo Sound Gallery (, and founded the music publishing label, Vantage Bulletin ( Resides in Jacksonville, Florida.
“In the technical tradition of players like John Butcher, and emotionally (most famously) Albert Ayler, Williams is a proponent of the extended techniques of the saxophone, spitting out harmonics, weeping ‘multiphonics’, the reed equivalent of a guitarist creating feedback and noise from an amplifier and effects pedals.” Dan Brown (Folio Weekly)

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July 19: Vance Galloway, Mark Henrickson, wndfrm

an evening of live/improvised/experimental electronic audio and visual art.


vance galloway (SEA, electro-acoustic improvisation)

mark henrickson (SF, max/jitter)
wndfrm (PDX, processed field recordings/etc..)

and possibly more special guests to be confirmed..

july 19th, 8pm, $5 suggested donation

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Tabla Drumming Master + Indian Mandolin 6/20

Indian Tabla Drumming Master coming to Gallery 1412


Maestro Anindo Chatterjee of Kolkata India


Tabla Solo Performance / Opening with Gangandeep Singh on Indian Mandolin & Ravi Albright on Tabla

Saturday, 6/20/15 7-9pm

Advance Tickets available here

$22 advance/$25 @ door

Kids & Teens FREE, Senior & Student discounts

Gagandeep Singh

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