Dec. 15th Mxd kd mixtape: Homecoming Release Party

Dec. 15th

7:30 – 10:30

Suggested Donation but come and listen if you are unable.



Join Malcolm Friend in celebrating the release of his debut chapbook, mxd kd mixtape. Alongside Malcolm reading his work, featured readers and artists will showcase their own work.

About Malcolm:

MALCOLM FRIEND is a poet originally from the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. He received his BA from Vanderbilt University and his MFA from the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of the chapbook mxd kd mixtape (Glass Poetry), and has received awards and fellowships from organizations including CantoMundo, VONA/Voices of Our Nations, Backbone Press, and the University of Memphis. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including La Respuesta magazine, Vinyl, Word Riot, The Acentos Review, and Pretty Owl Poetry. He currently serves as a Poetry Editor for FreezeRay Poetry

About the featured readers:

JASMINE SCHWARTZ is a Filipinx QTPOC artist from Seattle, WA. Their work confronts different facets of diasporic existence, including anti-blackness in the non-black community. With their work they aim to decolonize artist spaces, provide comfort, and a solid place from which to begin healing. They are currently in process to put out a chapbook of their own titled Remember Me This Way which will be available in the coming months.

JESSE BERNSTEIN was born and raised in Beacon Hill. He has been working with youth with 4 and half years in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York and currently works at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club as the Education Director. He is a Spoken Word Artist and most of his themes revolve around race, gender, politics, philosophy, life, death, childhood, family, and his experience working with youth. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and TV Shows (right now The Wire, She’s Gotta Have It, and Mr. Robot), spending time with family and friends (including non-humans), performing, and living life.

LE’CHANTE’ RAIWALUI: “Motherhood is the ultimate test of balance between holding my daughter in one arm and deflecting the chaos of the world with the other, all while practicing unconditional love towards myself, my spouse, our daughter and others around me. So naturally mother-earth and life as I know it became the muse to my current work. Where I paint the image of my transition from a young woman being raised by my mother, to a mother myself raising a young woman. Every piece is my written guide to her as she becomes more aware of herself and the world around her. Between my involvement in the world and between raising a queen, Ive found just enough time to balance a glass of wine with a pen and notebook, to craft imagery by word for all women everywhere to relate to.”

ROBERT GAVINO was raised on occupied land called Renton, land of Coast Salish peoples. Born to Filipino immigrants, Robert traces their lineage to land-owners by Bikol volcanoes, landless farmworkers in Calumpit, and property-owners in Malabon. Robert’s creative & cultural work reflects their queer & non-binary life, their community organizing, & their clumsy navigation of the generational blessings & traumas of their family in diaspora. The focus of Robert’s community organizing as a non-black person in black youth-led movements like No New Youth Jail & Block the Bunker is to foster collective power through cultural & healing work. This work is Robert’s way of sharing their learning on this very clumsy, imperfect journey of liberation.

About the featured artists:

RAYCHELLE DUAZO is a queer femme Filipina-American visual artist from the Pacific Northwest. Artistically, her specialities include portraits, comics, and typography. Her work focuses on themes of love, heartbreak, loss, memory, identity, and place. She has spoken on QPOC art & activism panels both in Seattle & NYC, is an alumni of the VONA Voices Graphic Novel Program (2014), and is an active member of the Seattle-based comics artist collective, The HAND.

DEREK OBISO DIZON is a Filipino American cultural worker and grief companion residing in occupied Duwamish Territory. Born to immigrant parents from the Philippine Islands, the art Derek creates are expressions of a path in navigating and reclaiming the spirit, memory, and stories of his Ilokano, Cebuano, and Bikolano ancestry. Derek believes cultural work and artistic expression can be used as a vessel for healing and resistance for all peoples around the world who have been impacted by centuries of violence. Much of Derek’s work centers stories of intergenerational grief and liberation.

JULZ BOLINAYEN is a trans Ilokano queer femme dedicated to cultivating deeper relationship with plants and the Earth, and supporting intergenerational healing through Philippine plant-based tradition.

About mxd kd mixtape:

In his debut chapbook mxd kd mix tape, Malcolm Friend offers us a speaker on the fringe of becoming. If he were a superhero this would be his origin story. The musicality & rhythm that is promised in the title more than delivers, but what Friend also delivers on are poems forged within the many rooms of his identity. & these rooms are decorated with poetic craft & a keen knowledge of the songs that have shaped him. This collection, & Friend are a valuable addition to America’s poetic landscape. I look forward to many more work from this fresh new voice. — Yesenia Montilla, author of The Pink Box


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Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Part I, Chapter 3

A Continuation :


Saturday at 8 PM

Chapter 1 is an overture, and follows the rules of music (more or less); Chapter 2 is farily straightforward storytelling ( mostly). In Chapter 3 we enter the fog of dream and the unconscious, the proper realm and idiom of the Wake, Joyce’s book of the dark. Part I, Chapters 1-4 of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake constitute the first large structural component of the book. This fall and winter, Neal Kosaly-Meyer will perform those first four chapters from memory, with acute attention to the work’s musical detail. The first three chapters are
“chamber” performances, all at Gallery 1412. The next performance will be Chapter 3 on Saturday, November 18. Chapter 4, this year’s premiere, will be performed with lights, sound design and theatrical/liturgical costume and staging at Chapel Performance Space at the Good Shepherd Center on Saturday December 16.
All performances, sliding admission, $5-$15

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The World Is Sound – Tom Baker

Thursday Nov. 16th
donation based entry
music at 8:00
Theremin. Fretless Guitar. Computer. Analog Synth. Kalimba.
The World is Sound.
Inspired by the amazing exhibit “The World is Sound” at the Rubin Museum in NYC, this show will feature improvised and composed electronic music by composer Tom Baker.
“Alarmingly restrained, yet evocative, avant garde jazz, created with great care and structured structurelessness. The space is the music.”
—ADD Reviews
“There’s a warmth and humanity that sets Baker’s music apart…”
— Dave Wayne, Jazz Review
“Tom Baker’s music plies the shadowy territory between form, isolation, and silence.”
—Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger

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Unbound Signals ▦ | ▤ | ▩

Small group free improvisations among friendly neighbors of Seattle:

Oct. 27th 8pm.


sliding scale $5-15

Haley Freedlund (trombone) / Greg Kelley (trumpet) / Jason McGill (alto saxophone)

Heather Bentley (viola) / Leanna Keith – Flutist (flute)

Noel Kennon (viola) /  Seth Laster (clarinets) /





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Peter Nelson-King – piano

Nov. 3rd
Suggested donation based $5-15
“Peter Nelson-King, multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer, presents a unique concert of daring modern American works for the piano.  Far from a typical piano recital, the works presented each push the boundaries of the instrument and explore the mysteries and far horizons of emotional expression.  Each work was chosen because it places inner exploration over shallow display, though many of the pieces are anything but anodyne.  A featured work is Granites by Dane Rudhyar, a French emigre who treated the piano like a “symphony of gongs”, and whose works were more religious ritual than concert-piece, dynamic communions with the cosmos.  Another major work is the Three Love Songs by Nicholas Thorne, once a promising composer in his day but who suddenly and mysteriously cut ties with the music world and stopped composing altogether.  His works all express a deep sense of loss and longing that betray a troubled personality, and they are among the most hauntingly beautiful works of the latter half of the 20th century.  Also featured are selections from The Mothstone Path, a projected large set by Mr. Nelson-King himself depicting a surreal journey through the pathways of the night.
Peter Nelson-King is a native of the Northwest and is active as a trumpet player, pianist, singer and writer.  Since May of 2016 he has run the chamber group Cursive, dedicated to performing brilliant works that have unjustly fallen into obscurity.  He has spent the past decade searching for hidden gems of modern classical music and is dedicated to reviving them through performance and research.  As a trumpet player he is a regular member of Brass Band Northwest, the Ensign Symphony and the Lake Washington Symphony, was formerly a regular member of the New England Brass Band and the Jazz Night School Big Band, and has performed as a guest with groups such as the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Seattle, Washington Wind Symphony, Puget Brass and the New England Philharmonic.  He has helped premiere dozens of works, including pieces by Gunther Schuller, Joshua Fineberg, Carson Cooman, and others, and will be premiering works by Kurt Leland and Samantha Boshnack in 2018 with Cursive.”

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Fletcher Tucker w/ Amulets, Thelma (aka Benoît Pioulard) & Vradiazei

New music at the Gallery coming up on October 13th

w/ Amulets, Thelma (aka Benoît Pioulard) & Vradiazei



suggested donation of 5 – 15



Fletcher Tucker will preform a single, continuous, highly ritualistic, long-form composition. The piece is ambient, shadowy, and almost entirely acoustic with an emphasis on the animistic character of the instruments themselves… a 110-year-old Finnish pump organ, Appalachian dulcimer, a rattle made of leaves… to name just a few. Songs emerge from the minimalistic sound-field and are subsumed back into the field without interruption. Ancient tones and primordial perspectives are evoked. The raw, mystical energies of Tucker’s wild home-place (Big Sur, California) are summoned and embodied.

Fletcher Tucker is touring to support his new record, “Cold Spring”, his 6th LP, four years in the making. Tucker is also the label-head and founder of Gnome Life Records, home to releases by Daniel Higgs, Robbie Basho, Little Wings and many more.

“In ‘Cold Spring’, Tucker sinks into the redwoods and roots out something ancient and always. [‘Cold Spring’] shares an environmental consciousness heard in records by Mount Eerie and Agalloch, where the woods and mountains of the West Coast not only become an instrument, but a way of being with dirt and trees and birds. A truly incredible record.” – NPR 

“…unreservedly dark at times. Like nature itself, the record can feel spooky, inspiring an awe that comes close to dread… over and over again, the completed record bears [Fletcher Tucker] out, sounding thoroughly haunted, an arboraceous, psychedelic journey that reveals more with each listen.” – Aquarium Drunkard

“Tucker evokes Big Sur’s natural grandeur with echo-shrouded vocals, shimmering synthesizers, wildlife field recordings, booming drums… [yet] one suspects that he spent as much time paring back as he spent building up. Each note and line occupies its own space in a big, uncluttered sound field, and each song moves at a pace that reinforces the solemnity of the proceedings.” – The Wire Magazine


personal website


label website

label Facebook

stream for “Cold Spring”

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An evening with: Paul Metzger / John Saint Pelvyn / Arrington de Dionyso / & Noel Meek




Saturday October 7th

8 at night

suggested $5 – $15 donation


Paul Metzger
John Saint Pelvyn
Arrington de Dionyso & Noel Meek

• Paul Metzger
A virtuoso on a 23 string banjo he built himself, Metzger’s Idiosyncratic & deeply original long form improvisations at times bring to mind American primitive guitar, the sarod of Hindustani music, or the Chinese Erhu. But refracted through his singular musical mind he creates a sonic universe all his own. Metzger’s “home made” aesthetic puts him alongside DIY mavericks like Eugene Chadbourne and his electric rake, and Charlie Nothing and his dingulators, but Metzger also posses a penchant to extract every possible sound out of an instrument that is reminiscent of the exhaustive instrumental explorations of Derek Baily. His many releases over the years have garnered high praise and helped establish him as a central voice in the world of Avant Garde & Experimental Folk. Metzger creates a unique music evocative of some magical forgotten age, but simultaneously one deeply rooted in the eternal present when fingers touch strings.

“…Metzger’s banjo and guitar contain multitudes. Suspended between past and future, honouring the tradition while hijacking it, listening for its voice while revelling in its inarticulacies; this is how the thing sings. And the song, in the obsessive extensions of Metzger’s instruments, truly has no ending.” – The Wire

• John Saint Pelvyn
Guitarist, therminist, singer, and player of some species of dismantled electrified folk, John Saint Pelvyn is on tour this fall with his new solo release A Clerical Error in Shasta County Shouldn’t have to Ruin a Saturday Night from Seeland/Electro Motive Records. An affinity for the likes of John Fahey, Loren Mazzacane-Connors, and Sandy Bull can be heard here, but the comparisons quickly fall away as one takes in this ambidextrous musical sensibility. He will sing otherworldly vocal duets with his theremin while simultaneously accompanying himself fingerpicking, or will throw modulated feedback tones across otherwise inviting harmonic landscapes based on blues & folk motifs, overshadowing them with clouds of squelch that loom like an approaching post-noise squall, but that ultimately swell and punctuate more like the tone clusters of Henry Cowell or the lyrical saxophone of Frank Lowe.

“When wandering the stage singing into the F-holes of his electric arch top bringing forth arpeggios of feedback, or waving the neck of his guitar in the vicinity of a howling theremin, indeed, he seems to be playing the very air itself.” – Electro Motive

• Arrington de Dionyso
Throat singer, saxophone player, & front man of the notorious noise-jazz-rock band Old Time Relijun, he’s the artist who ran afoul of the Alt-right in the Pizza Gate scandal only to come back and birth a brilliant ecstatic liberatory music project This Saxophone Kills Fascists, which he presented in an epic national tour this spring. This evening he will be playing duets with New Zealand based analog sound artist Noel Meek.

“Arrington de Dionyso taps into the fountain of Spiritual Free Jazz in search of a contemporary protest music to inoculate against the ravages of life under dictatorship.”

• Noel Meek

A gifted shepherd of the analog signal, Meek possesses an uncanny ability to summon structured chaos that is rarely matched in the great hootenanny that is the international noise scene. Head of End of the Alphabet Records, contributor to The Wire, & exponent of a genre of music he calls “Extremophilic Folk” Meek will perform duets with Arrington de Dionyso.

“Some sheer joy was unexpectedly bottled in the analogue gizmo rituals of New Zealand artist and Wire contributor, Noel Meek… a total resignation to the gods of entropy.” – The Wire

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