Bill Brovold & Guests : an evening of music


Gallery 1412, Seattle

Sunday, July 15, 2018
doors at 8:00pm music shortly after

An evening of solos, trios, and duets featuring improv, Americana, minimalism, no wave, and experimentation. Headlined by Bill Brovold, an eclectic producer and guitar player from New York and Michigan (born in Tacoma, WA). Bill has played with Rhys Chatham, Larval and Serenity Knolls, releasing albums on Knitting Factory Works, RareNoise, John Zorn’s Avant and Cuneiform.

will perform an opening set of soft sounds

Noel Kennon
Greg Kelley
Robert Millis

Sax and bass duet, featuring the legendary Wally Shoup




unnamed (1)


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June 21st _________________________________War Hippy/ Forrest Friends/ Sleepwalkers Local / godtease / SunDowner

🐉 War Hippy (L.A.)
War Hippy is a Noise duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Cole Miller (Vortal Curb/Human Hands/Toxic Loincloth) and Jess Coble (The Zero Collective/Island of Misfit Toys/NovaHead vs ChickenTron). Focusing on the moment of inspired creation amidst the rubble; following the destruction/decimation of all you have held dear

🐿️ Forrest Friends

🦆 Sleepwalkers Local (L.A.)
Sleepwalkers Local is the solo project of Los Angeles based sound artist Grant Capes (member of the improv collective (VxPxC), Obscurer. and Circle & the Point). Sleepwalkers Local is pure improv layered over a faint skeleton of mechanical or musical structure. Sleepwalkers Local has toured the east and west coasts, as well as into the recesses of the South and Midwest. Sleepwalkers Local has released tapes and cdrs on such fine labels as Stunned Records, House of Alchemy, Snakefork and Phantom Limb.

🐴 the Sundowner Band
Noel Kennon summons the sun d o w n w a r d

🐛 godtease (L.A.)
godtease is the explorative electronic project of Russian-born and LA-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Sophie Alieninova. Based in the foundation of classical pipe organ and sacred choral music, godtease organically synthesizes digital and analog mediums while decimating the rhythmic and harmonic definitions set forth by electronic devices. Sophie has toured as a choral musician as well as a keyboardist across the US and is currently performing and producing multiple genre-varying projects in and around LA.

🐆 Ergoeg (L.A.)


@ Gallery 1412
1412 18th Ave S.

Doors at 8, music shortly after.
Free black tea



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June 8th / New Works for Violin

luke poster


June 8th
Doors at 8 music shortly after
suggested donation of 5 – 15
noone will be turned away

Tonight will include new works commissioned by Luke Fitzpatrick

works from
Huck Hodge
Melia Watras
Yigit Kolat
Charles Corey


Luke Fitzpatrick is a violinist, composer and improvisor. He is a founding member and artistic director of Inverted Space, a Seattle-based new music collective. Recent solo performances include Earle Brown’s Centering with Inverted Space, Alfred Schnittke’s Moz-Art with the University of Washington Chamber Orchestra and Brian Ferneyhough’s Intermedio alla ciaccona in the presence of the composer. His February 2016 performance of Steve Reich’s Violin Phase was performed with a live electronics system developed by Marcin Pączkowski. Additionally, he has performed with Deltron 3030, The Penderecki String Quartet, inauthentica, The Parnassus Project, The Moth, The Argento Chamber Ensemble and the California EAR Unit. His world premiere recording of Vera Ivanova’s Quiet Light for solo violin was released on Ablaze Records in 2011. Luke holds degrees from The University of Washington (DMA), California Institute of the Arts (MFA) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (BM). His principal teachers include Benny Kim, Mark Menzies, Lorenz Gamma and Ron Patterson. He is currently Artist-in-Residence at the University of Washington.

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a curated night by Caspar Sonnet : June 2nd


Doors at 8:30 music at

(a slightly later show)
5-15 suggested donation
support touring artists!

A wonderfully curated evening by traveling artist Caspar Sonnet.

heres some more information of what to expect:

Arrington De Dionyso (multi-instrumental)
Arrington de Dionyso (b. 1974/1975) is an Olympia, Washington-based artist and experimental musician. He was a member of Old Time Relijun since the 1990s. After Old Time Relijiun dissolved, he formed a new band based on Indonesian music called Malaikat dan Singa. de Dionyso directed Reak: Trance Music and Possession in West Java, a documentary film about the music of an Indonesian trance ceremony; the film was shown by the Olympia Film Society in May, 2016. He is also a co-founder of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival.

Uneasy Chairs (Patrick Gundran, Guitar)
Plays primarily solo free improvised electric guitar attacks. Has collaborated live with many fine other artists including: Wilson Shook, Kate Olson, Peter Keller, Blake DeGraw, Adam Levitt, Ryosuke Kiyasu, Garrison Heck, Vanessa Skantze, Dustin Williams, Plancklength, Walrus Machine, PRISONFOOD, Wet Trash, noisepoetnobody, Wild Bill, Stan Reed, Wm Rage, Edo Destruction and maybe more and definitely more in the future. Has played various festivals including Pent Up Fest in Seattle, Van Fest in Maple Valley, WA, The Olympia Experimental Music Festival and NorCal Noisefest in Sacramento.

Blake Degraw (Composer/Performer)
Seattle based composer, improviser, performance artist.

Caspar Sonnet (Lap Steel Dobro)
Caspar Sonnet (b. 1976 Los Angeles, California) is a composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He has been composing and performing experimental/improvisational music since 1996. Sonnet’s multi-instrumentalist abilities include: lap steel dobro, harmonica & percussion. Native American mythology, pre-war blues, world music and minimalist composition are among many of his current interests. Beyond this, his work mainly focuses on natural timbral augmentation/manipulation, physical movement in affection to sound, dynamic juxtapositions and instrumental location. He has collaborated with talented musicians such as Jordan Dykstra, Gabie Strong, Kozue Matsumoto, Jonathan Sielaff, and Jona Bechtolt in recording, performing and improvising of music. He has also toured throughout Europe and the US. and has held residencies with MOCA & Redcat.

Kyle Stant (Flute, Fajra)

“..Most of my work focuses on blending my expression with the full sound entering my ears in the present moment. Very deep listening matching pitch and rhythm with “noise,” pulling music out of noise, balancing and nestling as deep as possible in the line between noise and music. The Abstract contains all representations/possibilities. More difficult to work with, but containing far more potential for vividity, profundity, power…when fully grasped.”

Links :

Arrington de Dionysos

Uneasy Chairs

Blake Degraw

Caspar Sonnet

Kyle Stant

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Smith/ Dempster/ Campbell/ Asplund June 1st

June 1st

doors at 8 ____5 – 15 suggested donations



Bill Smith, clarinet| Stuart Dempster, sundries| Greg Campbell, percussion| Christian Asplund, piano, viola
This quartet has played together off and on for over 20 years. Smith and Dempster much longer. It will be a rare treat to hear them gathered together again for a performance at a very special venue, Seattle’s Gallery 1412. Expect profundity, humor, surprise, virtuosity, etc.
Suggested donation: $5-$15
Here’s audio from their concert in tribute to Pauline Oliveros, 25 November 2016:

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Tom Djll – Limits – AF Jones – May 19th

8pm, $5-$10 suggested donation

TOM DJLL (Bay Area, CA) with GREG KELLEY (Seattle)
Tom Djll has spent over 30 years developing an idiosyncratic trumpet language and presenting the results inside electronic sound environments. His current projects include TENDER BUTTONS with Tania Chen and Gino Robair, KINDA GREEN with Tim Perkis, KOKUO with Kyle Bruckmann, Kanoko Nishi-Smith, Jacob Felix Heule and John McCowen, EUPHOTIC with Cheryl Leonard and Bryan Day, and solo works.

Tonight, he will be performing alongside local-by-way-of-Boston improviser Greg Kelley, both on trumpet & electronics.

LIMITS (Seattle)
LIMITS is the Seattle-based performance/film hybrid formed by dancer Corrie Befort and sound artist Jason E Anderson in 2014. The duo draw upon their extensive involvement with improvisation, film, video art, installation and experimental performance to investigate psychological experiences of time, memory and perception. LIMITS live performances disorient, disrupt and reorganize space/context, as a means to engage a fully sensate experience. These ultra-physical, often volatile performances generate scenarios that lead to new, iterative works of film, installation, audio recordings and large-scale performances.

AF JONES (Bremerton, WA)
Alan F Jones (Dallas, TX, 1971) is a Washington-based seafarer, audio engineer, composer, and performing musician. He has spent collective years underwater analyzing, studying, and monitoring the acoustic environment of the world’s oceans. Recently relocated to Washington from California, he has released a number of recordings including his own compositions, occasionally scores for film, and has recorded and performed with Reed Evan Rosenberg, Judith Hamann, Nathan Hubbard, Sarah Hennies, Cristián Alvear, Jacob Wick, Peter Vincent, Barry Chabala, Ethan Tripp, and Derek Rogers, among others. He has engineered audio and advised for numerous local and international musicians and performing ensembles as Chief Mastering Engineer at Laminal Audio. He also runs the Marginal Frequency record label.




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May 31st – Monthly Improvisation Celebration 1412

A monthly improvisation series that benefits GALLERY 1412
>>> all proceeds go to the studio
HOSTED & CURATED by Vanessa DeWolf & Don Berman
7-8:30pm Guest improvisers & 8:30-9:30 Open Improvisation
Come to see some great improvisation!
Come to participate in an open-improvisation!32231195_1788056601217499_3444598659411345408_n

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