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(April 28th) R N White, AF Jones + Derek Rogers , and Greg Kelly

5-15 suggested donation
doors at 8 music at 8:30
Local Performances from
RN White
Greg Kelley
AF Jones / Derek Rogers
While they share the same taste, and musical heroes, AF Jones & Derek Rogers adhere to different approaches to making music. In playing shows together they have found an oddly natural juxtaposition resulting in something very new each time. Their efforts were described succinctly over at Tiny Mix Tapes as “two gripping fists in a fascinating aural handshake.”
A show in Dallas last year resulted in the live record Cedars, out on Sedimental.  Brian Olewnick of Just Outside called it “excellently judged shifts in timbre and dynamics while maintaining an ever-engrossing structural arc.”
About their live dynamic on Cedars,Brainwashed said “Rogers and Jones mix a bit of everything in, from recorded piano and acoustic guitar to random found sounds and carefully modulated feedback and distortion.  Different components are introduced, allowed to breathe and develop, but are then retired before stagnating and replaced with new ones, keeping a consistent current from beginning to end.”
They’ve also released the album Repetend, Parallax as a duo on Jason Lescaleet’s Glistening Examples, heralded at We Need No Swords as “…a compelling double-header by two of the most interesting US sonic experimenters…”
jones mississippi

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April 8th / Nash Naubert & Friends Concert




Join us for a FREE evening of Bansuri Bamboo flute, Tabla drumming & sitar with Nash Naubert, Ravi Albright & local musicians and students from Seattle Tabla Institute!



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Gallery 1412 Benefit Performance and Jam

Gallery 1412 has been part of the Seattle music scene since 2004. There’s no wealthy benefactor involved, so in a way it’s a bit of a miracle, made possible by members who scrape together monthly rent not just for their own use of the space (teaching, rehearsals, recording, gigs), but so that the venue exists for local and out-of-town artists who need a place to perform that supports non-commercial music. Out-jazz, free improv, classical music across the spectrum, Indian classical music, musicals — you name it.

Don Berman (who is not even a member!) had a dream to put on a benefit concert to keep this leaky old ship afloat. I’ll be there, doing a brief solo performance, and Don will do a flute/drums duo with Dick Valentine, along with a performance by The Indigo (harpist Carol Levin and Amelia Love Clearheart). And then YOU, fair audience member, may join the throng, in an improvised session for the remainder of the night.

We’d love to see you there — bring your horn, harp, hands, harmonica, etc.

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48-Hour Composition Competition – Seattle, WA (Sound of Late) April 14th


The 48-Hour Composition Competition (48CC) brings composers and performers together to create some exciting and (extremely) new music. The 48CC gives composers 48 hours to compose a piece for their assigned instrumentation and gives performers six days to prepare before they perform the piece in concert.

The greatest composition will claim the grand prize and bragging rights forever — at least until the next one. This is a chance for you to show off your skills, exercise your musical muscles, meet new collaborators or just hang out and enjoy the show!

For those attending, there will be a suggested $5-15 donation at the door.

Sign up to perform or compose here (, and bring your friends to the concert at Gallery 1412 for some excellent new music!!


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April 20th _ {Electroacoustic (wood)Wind}

8:30pm @ Gallery 1412
1412 18th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122-4126, United States29249161_1875245699217424_6655860258256191488_o



Instruments performing with electronics, known as electro-acoustic music, is an exciting new trend in contemporary classical music. University of Washington Master’s in Music students Diego Espinoza, Brian Schappals and Miao Liu present a performance celebrating music composed for woodwind instruments and electronics. We present a wide range of electronic mediums by composers Hans Tutschku, VJ Manzo, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Melody Eötvös and Steve Reich.

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Held // April 19th

Held: A triptych of solo performance events exploring the interstitial spaces within a single, gendered body and around and between bodies as subject and object, incorporating processes of sound, movement, and light.


pause: my body is a bearer of space

stick: sculpture made from absence of light

push: performative gap as sensory subversion


Composed and performed by Jocelyn Beausire, vocalist.


supplementary solo performance by bassist Abbey Blackwell

Doors at 8 pm


$5-15 sliding scale donation

1412 Poster

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March 30th /// Dolphin Midwives / Ben Zár / alap? / Drama Bahama (TR) and more


doors at 8
music at 8:30

Some traveling musicians come to visit the gallery also some local sounds.

donation based entry . (support touring artists!)


Dolphin Midwives
echo jungle chaos magic moon milk ocean murmurating orchid sleeper holy hands/helping hands interface nodes/architecture/lace gravity doesn’t exist change the laws of physics levitation shapeshift /shadow energy density clarity prismatic sound microtonal vision quest whirling rainbow vortex portal opening reverberating witch sister who plays harp/zither/voice/noise/electronics and everyday objects

Ben Zár
Guadalajara-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Zár has been part of a vibrant psychedelic scene in Mexico for the past ten years with the bands Antoine Reverb and Dorotheo. Last year he released his first solo album “There Is No Distortion In Heaven” vía Seattle’s Halfshell Records and was premiered by Impose Magazine. ” There Is No Distortion In Heaven travels through progressive realms of resistance and release across its seven tracks, it offers a sonic bridge inward, and while the trip might not always be easy, in the end, this record celebrates the journey with open heart and clear mind”. – LIVE EYE TV.

alap ?
is a Seattle based improvising duo inspired by the indian classical tradition, free jazz, and early minimal music. They are viola/ voice / talbla / percussion / etc.

Drama Bahama (as Theator Or Roosevelt)
“Theater or Roosevelt” live score orchestra (led by Drama Bahama) will be doing a live score to a special surprise short film. Feel free to bring a salt shaker, horns or your harmonic voice to join in.

Theater or Roosevelt started at movie nights in the basements of Casa Verde (artist/community house in Revenna), has blossomed into an orchestrated full blown instrument and acoustic sound orgy. Drawing in talented musicians and guests throughout Seattle. Their performances are rare, quite, loud and full of soul. Please join Drama Bahama, Josh and Matt on this special expedition through sound and old film.

More information at:

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